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Aquarium book - All about aquariums

Brief Description

Our ebook called All about aquariums has been made available free of charge on July 6th 2011 after a generous donation from anonymous donor. Feel free to go through this page where you can find the download link - at the bottom of the article.

Would you like to keep happy and healthy fish?
Would you like to know how to grow aquarium plants?
Would you like your aquarium to look like this?

Beautiful aquarium - have such too, picture 1 Beautiful aquarium - have such too, picture 1 Beautiful aquarium - have such too, picture 3

So download our free e-book!

The aquarium book called "All About Aquariums" covers all topics that are:

  • Needed to start a freshwater tropical fish tank,
  • Needed to run a freshwater tropical aquarium properly without seeing fish suffering,
  • Needed to understand how freshwater tropical fish behave,
  • Needed to help you breeding your freshwater tropical fish,
  • Needed to enjoy this hobby!

In order to differentiate this book from most of others which are already available on the internet, here’s what you won’t find inside:

  • Lack of content
  • Missing references
  • Poor quality
  • Impossibility of finding answers
  • Poor navigation within the book

What’s inside

  • 12 chapters covering all steps from factors when starting an aquarium to specialised equipment when running a fish tank seriously!
  • A detailed guide how to set up an aquarium!
  • Problems after setting up a new tank and solutions!
  • What to do after your aquarium is running!
  • Suitable fish for beginners!
  • Information about aquarium plants that are suitable for beginners!
  • A fish diseases chapter!
  • Maintenance of your aquarium!
  • Information about biotopes!
  • A chapter devoted to fish compatibility!
  • A detailed guide to breeding fish!
  • Specialised equipment for advanced and better care!

The book "All About Aquariums" consists of over 300 pages! You won’t pay for a 10-pages document which contains commonly known information, because our guide is FREE. What’s more, we know that a 300-pages document can’t cover all topics and questions; That’s why you can ask on any page of our site - no matter whether you raise Guppies or Jack dempsey cichlids, we covered almost every species that can be raised at home. So instead of a 300-pages guide which could lack at some areas, you’re getting a complete guide to fish keeping! It's a step-by-step guide perfectly suitable for beginners!

But this is still not all that you get! We're different!!!

If you can’t find answers on particular questions ( related to content of the book ) in our book or within this website, we will answer your questions as soon as possible. Your questions will carry the highest importance! Instead of waiting for your questions to be reviewed, eventually without approving and answering them, your questions will be answered by our staff usually in 24 hours!

Additional information for people who download our ebook

The book "All About Aquariums" is the PDF format and is available directly-below after clicking the link.


  • Further copying and distribution of the book isn’t permitted.
  • The book is for downloader’s personal use only.
  • Since you’re downloading a free ebook, all information within should be taken "as is" and the information should be used upon discretion.
  • By downloading this book you claim that you understood and read this page’s content and that you have no objections against.

Download the book

The process is simple:

  • You click on the image below and the download starts (it's approximately 4.3 MB, so be patient in case your internet connection is slow)

Download at free of cost!

Download All about aquariums ebook

About the author of "All About Aquariums"

Mick Watson

I have been fish keeping for 30 years and seen a few changes in the hobby, for the better I may add. I used to run two fish houses where I bred several species of fish including 8 breeding pairs of discus. I have also kept a reef tank for over a year and my new venture is to try to get a breeding pair of Oscars so I have bought a group of juveniles to see what happens. I am an active member on several forums and started my own forum in February 2009 as I find some of them seem to distract away from their purpose which is to provide help and information when required.

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