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Custom Tank Stand - Instructions on building one

Important note

This article was reprinted with permissions given by the original article’s author. Bear in mind that information here is "as is" and potential references to "will be added in future" (or similar) might not be done by However, we may update the article later.

How to build a custom aquarium stand

Forget the pro’s! If you have basic skills you can build the stand yourself, make it look good and have something to admire! Can you imagine how much it would have cost me to get this lot built by professionals? The first run of tanks was estimated at over £1500, it cost me two weeks and £135 to do the complete job, including lighting!

Regular lumber, as you call it works fine! Make the framework from 4"x2" planed timber, fixed to a wall at the back if you can. Make sure you have vertical supports every 2’ and make the tank support base with cross-members every 12". Use a good grade flooring chipboard or 6"x1" planking to build the tabletop. Finish it with anything you like, build the cupboards in under, fit a sump below the tank, anything you like, once the frame is there. 4"x2" butt-joined timber will support twice the weight you need if fixed properly.

This is the basic design of all my shelves, including the one that now holds my 62 gallon column tank and will hold the 8’ another column, adding another 150 gallons to the display. I think it should hold your tank quite happily!

Custom aquarium stand drawing

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