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What is "Reptomin Sticks" and Tips on Feeding

Reptomin is a floating stick food manufactured by Tetra, a company that provides a wide variety of aquarium care solutions. Tetra Reptomin floating food sticks provide nourishment for a wide variety of water turtles, newts, frogs and other amphibious reptiles. They set high quality standards to give maximum nutrition to these animals that are used for breeding or keeping as pets. This food is widely accepted by a number of species and is enriched with plenty of vitamins and calcium for strong shells and bones. There is plenty of protein in these Reptomin sticks to promote growth and reproduction. Tetra sells this particular food in a variety of package sizes to meet your feeding needs. It is sold in just about all of the aquatic retail stores at a reasonable price. The size ranges from just under 2 oz. at $3.00 a container to 2.5 lbs. for about $30.00 per container. Tetra Reptomin is reputed to be the best dry food available.

It is recommended to feed your pet one to two times a day and only what can be consumed within a few minutes. Reptomin should be used as only part of your pet’s total daily diet because they need to have a variety of different foods. Most turtles, newts and frogs should get some live or frozen foods to compliment the nutrition provided by Reptomin. For example, turtles will eat foods such as feeder fish, worms, krill and insects. Some veggies should be incorporated into its diet along with the Reptomin and live, dried or frozen foods. Not all aquatic frogs need to eat daily so alternate feedings of Reptomin and insects are recommended. If you are not able to always get insects it would be ok to feed your frog Reptomin for a few feedings in a row. Newts are known to not have great eyesight so only the most pungent foods such as various types of worms will be able to catch their attention. Feeding them Reptomin might be a little trickier as you may have to hold the sticks right in front of their faces in order for them to notice it. Newts, like frogs also do not have to eat every day; maybe every other day or every third day.

One woman said she tried many different brands of turtle food sticks and Tetra Reptomin is the only one her turtle will willingly eat. Turtles can be picky and seem a bit snobbish when they are used to a certain type of food. I had a red eared slider turtle that only ate tiny cooked shrimp. He would never go near the dried foods that I tried to offer him. For those picky eaters the Tetra brand has also created a “Select-a-Food” canister to offer your amphibious reptile a little bit of variety. In addition to the floating turtle sticks there are also baby shrimp and mini krill. It is the perfect solution for providing easy choices.


Reptomin Sticks picture 1 Reptomin Sticks picture 2


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