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Magnum and penguin aquarium filter review

In order for fish to thrive in an aquarium, the water in the tank must be maintained to the highest level of purity. This requires the investment and maintenance of a high level filtration system. There are several types and choices of filtration on the market. One of the best and most popular amongst aquarium enthusiasts in the know is the canister filter system.

Both large and powerful the canister filter is situated underneath the aquarium tank and is used for either biological, mechanical and if the occasion demands it also filtration of harmful chemicals that might enter the tank and cause damage to the fish. Many of the large free standing aquariums have the canister filters placed below the tank, inside of their stand. Canister filters have the appearance of a closed cylinder around fifteen inches high (38 cm) high with a click on lid designed to keep the canister closed under pressure. All the water loaded into the aquarium tank contain tow valves, one for water input and the other for output connected by flexible tubing to the water control mechanism which can usually be a simple tap. Once water has been drawn into the tank it undergoes a fairly extensive filtration process that will bring it to a level that will be healthy for the fish and plants in the aquarium. Another advantage of canister filters is that they can be purchased in a variety of sizes that will match the size of the aquarium as well as water flow rates. In general, canister filters lend themselves especially well to medium to large tanks.

Regarded as the top of the range in keeping aquarium water at the highest possible levels of cleanliness at this level, canister filters are known for their robustness as well as their ability to operate at maximum capacity for several months without the need for any maintenance. They do a first class job, and are vastly superior in performance to the hang on tank filters which are more suited for light weight models that require constant maintenance.

The interior workings of a canister filter can vary from model to model. However the operating principal remains the same. There are usually a series of filtration methods used to achieve the maximum level of cleanliness. The first stage is meant to trap the roughest and largest particle sizes. The water then passes through several similar stages each designed to handle smaller particle dimensions till the water is sufficiently pure to be allowed to enter the tank.

Canister filters pack another piece of feature power as they are almost completely silent during operation and their electricity needs are minimal.

One of the leading companies involved in producing filters for aquariums are the Marineland Company based in California, in the United States. Marineland have been one of the leading innovators in all aspects of aquarium design and operation and their range of filters have been designed to produce the finest and most effective designs in filtration systems, both for home use as well as in any manner of commercial display applications.

A jewel in the crown of the Marineland range of water filters are the company’s Magnum filters. Coming in two sizes, the 220 and the 350, Marineland claim that these canister filters are the only ones available with their own self-priming, bottom mounted motor. Experienced people who have operated aquariums both in their home and in a commercial application will tell you that the Magnum 220 & 350 will provide you with all that you need in power, performance, and ease of setup as well as smoothness of restart capability.

Operating the Magnums is as simple and straightforward as you could hope for, with the input water being allowed to enter the filtration canister, and actually flowing through the filtration media and being cleaned and purified in the process.

The Magnum 220 model provides the possibility of both mechanical and chemical filtration. This can be done by utilizing Marineland’s Rite-Size Bonded Filter Sleeve, which is a removable and replaceable especially dense and highly porous prefilter device designed to trap the roughest particles of dirt and debris. The Rite-Size Bonded Filter Sleeve works in conjunction with the Magnum’s Carbon/Media Container filled with 16 ounces of Premium Activated Carbon to remove all traces of dissolved organic impurities. Known as the BLACK DIAMOND™ this form of double filtration makes the Magnum filters the market leaders in aquarium filtration.

Filter maintenance for the Magnum’s are also something that can be done without the need to invest too much time. Marineland are happy to state that basic maintenance should take no more than fifteen minutes every week including any necessary adjustments. A maintenance program should include changing 25% of the water every 30 days, gravel cleaning and replacing the filter media. If the aquarium owner of operator detects that the water is not flowing well into the tank, or the water is beginning to give off an unpleasant odor, the filter motor seems to be laboring then the signs are that something is not functioning well with the filters, and immediate inspection and repair are called for.

Another string to the bow at Marineland is their Penguin® range BIO-Wheel® power filter. Penguins are designed to produce simple and effective three-stage mechanical, chemical and biological filtration for the aquarium.

As with the Magnum filters, the Penguin comes complete with their own custom sized Rite-Size Filter Cartridges. The Rite-Size will remove all forms of waste whilst preventing any form of water discoloration and unwelcome odors. Each filter contains Black Diamond Premium Activated Carbon for fast acting and maximum efficiency. Biological filtration is provided by the revolutionary and Marineland’s patented BIO-Wheel is known to be totally effective for removing toxics, including ammonia and nitrite.

Marineland filters are the most comprehensive available for every size and type of aquarium. When the time comes to decide which filter to install, you can be sure that either a magnum or penguin filter will be up there at the top of your list.

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