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Tetra BettaMin Review

BettaMin is a “tropical medley” of nutrition designed by Tetra specifically for betta fish. This high protein mix of flakes mimics the diet they would consume in their natural environment. The purpose of BettaMin is to help enhance fin development and also to improve natural color. Tetra recommends that you feed your betta 2 or 3 times daily and only what he can consume within a few minutes. You may have to crush the flakes before dropping it into the aquarium because a betta’s mouth is not all that large. If used correctly as stated by the instructions on the container, this food will not cause the water to become cloudy or murky. Once you feed your betta watch to see if he is eating the BettaMin before you walk away. It is important to observe your fish because if he is not interested in the food you give him you must remove it from the aquarium or it will pollute the water. One customer stated his fish would not eat BettaMin but instead his betta preferred a betta pellet. You may have to try a few different things before you settle on one type of food to feed your betta.

Just as people have different tastes for different foods so do bettas. Some people say their bettas prefer one type of food over the other while others say their bettas would eat absolutely anything they placed in the tank. In reference to Tetra’s BettaMin, one site states, “This specialized combination of small, thin, red flakes and freeze-dried brine shrimp is formulated to maximize acceptance and intake.”

BettaMin is fairly inexpensive compared to live brine shrimp which is the other food preferred by bettas. It is widely available in most aquatic retail stores and on most aquatic retail websites. One customer had said that she fed this BettaMin not only to her betta but to her other freshwater tropical fish as well. Although this food is specifically designed for the nourishment of bettas, it can also provide nourishment for other small tropical fish.

Just one thing to be cautious of is that different fish have different needs specified to their own health standards. Be sure to provide a supplemental diet when feeding BettaMin to other fish because there may be more fat or less veggies than is desired for certain species of fish.

Tetra BettaMin picture

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