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biOrb Filtration - By Reef-One.Com

Reef One and their range of biOrb aquariums have always been recognised as the leaders in style. The original biOrb with its classic globe shape has now become one of the most recognisable aquariums ever created.

With the arrival of the biOrb LIFE Collection Reef One now have further show they can create stylish aquariums that offer something different, with its modern variation on the traditional rectangular aquarium.

The familiar biOrb filtration with its central bubble tube is still a familiar sight in the new biOrb LIFE Collection. The filtration system which Reef One have employed in their fish tanks is rather unique, this has often caused considerable misunderstandings about how the filtration actually works. It’s time to investigate the biOrb filtration and give you the full picture on how it works and dispel some of the long standing myths.

As a quick overview on the biOrb system, it works by water flowing over the highly porous ceramic media that form the biological filter. This biological filter, which is never removed from the aquarium, is where harmful waste is neutralised by the nitrification cycle. The water then enters into the filter where solid waste is captured in the mechanical segment of the cartridge. The final stages consist of the water being drawn over premeasured chemicals and then re-oxygenated.

biOrb filtration

Independent tests have been carried out on the biOrb have shown that it has higher levels of dissolved oxygen compared to traditional shaped aquariums. The cause for this is the biOrb shapes, the air powered system circulates the water created by constant stream of bubbles and a continuous turnover of water at the surface. This stream of small bubbles has a large surface area that aids oxygen exchange while the turnover of water on the surface ensures that even with a smaller surface area the water is saturated with oxygen.

The biOrb system consists of a distinctive replaceable cartridge, containing both mechanical and chemical filtration. This single cartridge system is intended to make it exceptionally easy for novice fish keepers to practice good fish husbandry and remove some of the confusion which everyone faces when first keeping fish. One of the constant misunderstanding is that the disposable biOrb cartridge is part of the biological filtration, actually the biological stage is created by the high performance ceramic media. The biOrb has the biggest biological filter compared to any similar sized aquarium! It uses the highly porous ceramic media, which is extremely effective at cultivating filter bacteria. Other important features of the biological filter are it allows solid waste particles to pass through it and is never removed from the fish tank.

Another nice feature of the biOrb system is the filter cartridge is located at the lowest point, as fish waste will naturally sink. The solid waste is drawn into the cartridge, keeping it locked away ensuring the water remains clearer. This dirt is removed when the cartridge is replaced, meaning less manual cleaning and a cleaner, healthier environment for the fish.

The cartridge is designed to be replaced when the chemicals are exhausted and the cartridge is full of waste. This replacement ensures that the water conditions remain optimised and stable and makes maintenance inevitably very easy. As the chemicals in the cartridge are pre-measured there is no need to purchase any additional supplements. The cost of the biOrb Service Kit (which also included dechlorinator and a bacterial supplement) is just £1/$2 per week which is similar to if you purchased maintenance items you need for any aquarium separately, but without the ease of use.

The biOrb may, at first glance, look like just a stylish aquarium however underneath this good looking exterior it has a rather sophisticated and effective filtration system.

For more information visit the biOrb Aquarium website.

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